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Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the Autodesk license environment. Perpetual licenses have been phased out, Autodesk subscriptions—including the AEC Collection—have arrived, and since the transition from maintenance plans to subscriptions has garnered so much attention, it is simple to overlook some of the essential benefits that are accessible to all users. Many of them may be considered quality of life bonuses, but depending on your line of work, they may also give amazing benefits and greatly simplify your life. You may already be aware of them if you’re a subscriber, but are you making the most of your Autodesk membership? Though there are some limitations that may vary depending on the product and deployment, this should serve as a helpful summary and reminder of your rights.

Cloud Services

Additional cloud services are included with a lot of Autodesk products. Depending on the product you have, this might include everything from web-based apps and cloud storage to analysis and rendering. As with the basic apps, these services are allocated through the Autodesk Account. Multi-user licenses can be issued in a 3:1 ratio, meaning that each seat can have three assignments. Cloud credits will be used for some of these services. This is the eCurrency for Autodesk. For every new named user, 100 credits are given out for free; further credits may be purchased. Autodesk rendering is one of the most popular uses of cloud services. Instead of rendering scenes locally, this makes use of Autodesk services. The amount of credits used varies depending on the work and its difficulty. Nevertheless, you will be aware of the credit cost prior to beginning the task, and you may only execute the function if you have enough credits.


I’m most frequently questioned about this one. The Autodesk compliance program is currently in full swing, which makes it difficult to install and utilize applications from earlier versions. To keep things straightforward, single-user subscribers can install and access the most recent version as well as the previous three. Users that have multiple user access can view the most recent version as well as the last four. That is the standard, after all. Checking your entitlement before buying a new Autodesk membership is crucial because previous version entitlement varies depending on the product. The amount of licenses you possess still determines your access to these versions. Thus, just one user may view the current version or any prior version if they have a seat.

This sounds quite straightforward, but for those who have been with the service for a long time, the claim may go back much further. If the old product is still covered by your new Autodesk subscription, this may also apply to those who went from maintenance to subscription, with earlier versions carrying over into the prior maintenance contract. My recommendation is to always remove versions you no longer need and to get in contact if there is a demand for a specific earlier version in order to prevent having to sift through all the complexity.

Global Travel Rights

I will write this quickly and simply. You have the freedom to use and carry your Autodesk software wherever you go thanks to the Global Travel Rights. “Travel with” is the important note there. You can use your Autodesk program outside of the nation in which you bought it, but you have to bring your license with you. The briefness of this is due to the fact that software used in international offices is frequently misinterpreted. This is a very distinct circumstance, so please get in contact if you need guidance on it. It is difficult to generalize because every situation is unique.

Home Use Rights

Before long, I’ll sound like a broken record. I’ll divide this out according to the deployment. Subscriptions for a single user are good for three installs per seat. This makes the program accessible to designated users on a mobile device, at home, and in the workplace. There is still just one user per license, and they can use both their home and work computers at the same time.

There are several choices available for multi-user licenses. One option is to take a license home by borrowing it from the license server. This will take the license out of the list of ones that are available, and depending on your preferences, it will automatically return in a certain amount of time. In order to allow a user to utilize the license outside of the office, you can also request a home-use license. Just be careful not to request more licenses than you really have.


The last several years have seen significant changes in this. Customers of previous maintenance plans may choose between basic and advanced service. Autodesk subscription simplifies this, and it offers a single support level that is similar to the previously mentioned advanced support. This accomplishes the stated goal of enabling contract managers to assign users to support benefits. Severity levels will control these, and the reaction and resolution times will be according to the level. In eight hours for standard instances, and two hours for essential cases, standard may anticipate a response. Support is available in a variety of formats. Autodesk offers phone, web, and email assistance in addition to forums. This guarantees a certain level of escalation in the event that your users lack an internal or external help alternative.