Ten Tips for Creating a Long-Lasting Impact with Your Instagram Bio

What Is a Bio on Instagram?

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The area on Instagram that appears beneath your profile photo and provides a preview of the items on your feed is called your bio.

This area consists of:

A display name

Page category


150 character description

External links

Contact info

Additionally, your bio contains all the information you need to introduce yourself and your work to new visitors as it is often their first point of contact.

What Constitutes a Strong Instagram Bio?

A compelling Instagram bio can determine whether a visitor chooses to follow or unfollow.

It is succinct, educational, and provides prospective readers with a comprehensive overview of the kind of information they might anticipate.

How do you get there? Check out our best advice on creating the ideal Instagram bio below.

You can find all the inspiration you need to create the ideal bio by visiting our Instagram Bio Captions collection.

ten suggestions for the ideal Instagram bio

When properly crafted, your Instagram bio has the power to explode your account’s growth. To make those 150 characters matter, try these ten ideas:

Keep It Brief and Sweet

Add Useful Keywords

Utilize the Bio Tool’s Link

Display Your Individuality

Add a call to action.

Include Your Contact Details

Include a Custom Hashtag

Employ Emojis Cautionary

Make Use of Highlights from Instagram Stories

Frequently Update Your Bio

#1: Make It Brief and Sweet

An effective Instagram bio should be concise but intriguing.

Long sentences and emoji overuse are thus strictly forbidden.

Instead, use brief, simple-to-read sentences that convey your idea clearly.

In other words, don’t overthink it; your content largely speaks for itself.

#2: Use Appropriate Keywords

In case you missed it, one of the greatest methods to expand your following on Instagram is to have a solid SEO plan.

Although the captions you write are mostly responsible for this, your account name and bio may also be important.

Thus, take a time to come up with some Instagram search terms that your target audience would use, then enter them in the name section.

#3: Make Use of a Bio Tool Link

How do you choose only one external link to include in your Instagram bio when you can only have one?

A hint: it’s not necessary.

This makes it simple to point followers to certain websites that you mention in your articles, other social media accounts or websites, product pages, etc.

An easier way for your followers to interact with you without requiring you to constantly change the URL in your Instagram bio? What a win-win situation.

#4: Display Your Individuality

You or your brand are the focus of your Instagram bio, so don’t be afraid to provide personal anecdotes and glimpses into your personality.

Use this area to address your target audience directly and showcase your qualifications, experience, or a favorite phrase.

In this manner, prospective supporters would know right away what you stand for.

#5: Provide an action call

A compelling Instagram profile can encourage followers to take a certain action, like checking out your most recent podcast episode or completing a survey.

Including a compelling call-to-action (CTA) is part of it.

Just keep in mind the golden rule: be precise and unambiguous.

#6: Include Your Phone Number

You may enable the feature of adding contact details to your Instagram bio by creating an Instagram Business profile.

There is no need for extra characters for your phone number, email address, or physical address.

#7: Include a Custom Hashtag

Something more to add to your Instagram bio? Clickable hashtags—two words.

Putting a clickable, branded hashtag in your Instagram bio is a great way to increase interaction, whether you’re marketing a UGC (user-generated content) campaign or another Instagram contest.

The brand now has a dedicated area containing user-generated material from customers that they can interact with, share, and (upon request) reuse.

NOTE: Adding hashtags to your Instagram bio does not make your profile searchable through hashtag searches, even if they might help you highlight and gather user-generated content.

#8: Don’t Overuse Emojis

Your Instagram bio may be made more unique by adding a little color or emoticons, but don’t go overboard.

Why? It could have an impact on how accessible your information is to those who are blind or visually impaired.

It’s therefore preferable to keep things brief and nice.

#9: Employ the Highlights from Instagram Stories

Highlights from Instagram Stories are ideal for posting community highlights, roundups, and FAQs.

They could also improve the aesthetics and click-through rate of your Instagram bio.

Consider: new product announcements, reservations, and anything else that warrants a 24-hour shelf life extension.

To guarantee a unified appearance and feel, you may also make a set of on-brand covers if you want to add a little flair.

Put differently, timely and well-maintained Instagram Stories Highlights translate into more Instagram bio views and a more recognizable brand on your profile.

#10: Consistently Update Your Bio

Having an updated Instagram bio provides followers with the most recent information about you and your activities.

Conversely, an out-of-date bio might be deceptive and drive away prospective followers.

This is a sign (or ten) to update your Instagram bio if you haven’t done so in a while.