What is Scalp MicroPigmentation?

The goal of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a cosmetic tattoo technique, is to enhance density and mimic the look of real hair follicles by applying natural color with a needle to the scalp’s epidermal layer. It assists the customer in creating a new hairline by concealing the area of the scalp where hair loss has already taken place.

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For men and women with alopecia or hair loss of any skin type, micropigmentation is a popular cosmetic technique. Micropigmentation is most frequently used to improve the definition and form of eyebrows. To assist rebuild confidence and self-esteem, the smudge-free hair loss remedy is administered to the scalp using the same technique that lasts for years.

Additional advantages of the procedure

In addition to providing a clear confidence boost, SMP therapy may be used to hide surgical scars from previous treatments. For instance, if a patient has undergone a hair transplant operation in the past and experienced some difficulties, SMP can be used to help conceal scars and defects.

Pre and Post SMP Outcomes

The following displays the effects of scalp micropigmentation treatments before and after:

Getting Ready and Following Up

Our skilled experts will assist you in getting ready for the treatment and advise you on what you need have ready in advance during your initial appointment.

Following the last treatment, you could be instructed to follow specific safety measures, like:

Not going swimming

After the last operation, stay out of saunas and steam rooms for 28 days.

Take five days off from intense activity following the last treatment.

After the fourth day of your most recent treatment, you should start moisturizing your scalp (this is something you’ll be advised to do in between sessions).

Does hair grow through scalp micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation of the scalp does not promote hair growth. This hair tattoo mimics the appearance of a shaven head. A shaved head that looks natural is achieved by inserting natural pigment into the scalp using a needle that penetrates the epidermis.

How much time does it take to notice outcomes?

Even though the benefits of hair coloring are instantly apparent, two to three sessions or treatments with a practitioner will be necessary after the initial consultation to achieve the best results. Every session takes place in a clean, cozy setting that guarantees a good experience for the patient and gives them confidence in the superior quality of their outcomes.

“Having experienced hair loss and going through this procedure first hand, I can personally attest to the benefits of this treatment,” says Damon, the SMP technician at Optima. I’m not ashamed by what people might think of me or have to worry about covering up any bald spots. I became a practitioner after deciding how much I like the therapy, and I have been doing this for about ten years.

What is the duration of scalp micropigmentation?

Years can pass after scalp micropigmentation if proper aftercare is taken. To guarantee that the effects are preserved, touch-ups could be necessary, just like with any type of tattoo. Reduce the amount of time that your scalp is exposed to direct sunlight to extend the life of the effects.

Do hair follicles suffer harm from micropigmentation?

There is no harm done to your hair follicles by micropigmentation. To boost density, our experts precisely place their insertion sites in between your follicles. Even if

Does Micropigmentation on the Scalp Hurt?

Your SMP practitioner will numb your scalp prior to the process in order to minimize pain. You could still experience some discomfort throughout the process, though. Your pain threshold will determine how uncomfortable you are.

How to begin

For individuals looking for a remedy, there are several alternatives accessible when it comes to hair loss. Modern hair systems for both men and women, as well as hair transplants, are among the cutting-edge hair loss treatments available today.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and schedule a free appointment at our Birmingham Scalp Micropigmentation clinic if you would want to speak with one of our hair professionals about your baldness or hair loss.