A lot of automobile owners enjoy adding custom touches to their cars to give them a distinctive look. Since the late 2010s, 4D number plates have been a common addition to automobiles. You’ve come to the correct site if you’ve noticed them about but are unsure of their actual nature. Discover what 4D number plates are, exactly, and where to get them by reading on.

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What are 4D license plates, and how are they manufactured?

Raised letters on 4D number plates provide the impression of three dimensions. They are become more and more well-liked among drivers who enjoy customizing their cars. In order to create 4D digits, black acrylic sheets are cut into the desired shapes using a laser cutter. The sheets are then adhered to a conventional plate using a strong adhesive.

What distinguishes 4D number plates from regular number plates?


The design of the characters is the most noticeable distinction between 4D and regular number plates. Standard number plates have characters that are lifted somewhat from the plate’s surface; 4D number plates raise the characters even further, giving the characters an eye-catching three-dimensional look.


The finest 3mm gloss acrylic used to create 4D UltraTek Black Digits is expertly laser-cut, then flawlessly attached to number plates.


4D number plates cost more than regular number plates because of the superior materials and stylish design.

Are 4D and 3D number plates interchangeable?

Not exactly. Prior to the release of 4D number plates, 3D number plates were relatively common, albeit they had a quite distinct appearance. To provide the impression that the numbers were three dimensions, a shading effect was applied during the printing process. But in 2021, the legislation was amended to require all number plate characters to be solid black. Since then, 4D plates have taken hold, yet individuals still use 3D and 4D interchangeably.

Can all cars utilize 4D number plates?

Since 4D plates are the same size and adhere to the same rules as regular number plates, they may be used on any kind of vehicle. Trade plates are the lone exception, as they may only be obtained through the DVLA and need red printed characters.

Are license plates with 4D legal?

4D number plates completely abide with DVLA requirements and are acceptable for use on public roads. If you’re unsure if a license plate is lawful, make sure it satisfies the following requirements:

A reflective substance must be used for the backing.

On a white or yellow backdrop, every character must have a solid black color.

It cannot have any form of trademarked logos on a patterned backdrop.

At the bottom center, it must have the Registered Number Plate Supplier’s postcode and firm name. The British Standard number and the material’s manufacturer’s name are included in the lower right corner.

The Charles Wright typeface needs to be used when printing it.

All characters (except from the number “1” and letter “I”) must measure 50 mm in width and 79 mm in height.

There must be 11 millimeters between characters.

There must be 33 millimeters between each set of characters.

The official website has a comprehensive list of regulations pertaining to license plates.

Where do I get 4D license plates?

Many companies produce 4D number plates; Hills Numberplates Ltd. is one of them and they make 4D UltraTek Black Digits. Aplates retailers provide bespoke orders for the 4D UltraTek number plates. We are pleased to assist you if you speak with one of our specialists in-store.

4D UltraTek Black Digits: What are they?

4D UltraTek Black Digits are a ground-breaking development in the field of car registration plates; they are intended to provide a bold and fashionable makeover for conventional number plates. These raised character number plates are the newest addition to the number plate market; they provide the impression of three dimensions, which is visually appealing.

To ensure a stable, long-lasting connection regardless of the state of the road, 4D UltraTek Black Digits are expertly laser-cut from high 3mm gloss acrylic and easily glued to number plates using 3M adhesive. The ‘four-dimensional’ look is visually pleasing and is achieved by adding depth levels beyond what can be achieved with standard plates, all while guaranteeing an exact increased profile.

The Prospects for Customized Car Expression Using 4D UltraTek Black Digits

4D UltraTek Black Digits emerge as a leading trend that is poised to alter the way we present our automobiles in a world where vehicle personalization is on the increase. The increasing need for distinctive and fashionable car accessories is met by 4D plates, which provide an unmatched way to make your car stand out from the crowd.

You are now fully informed about the fascinating world of 4D numberplates. Have a look at the 4D UltraTek number plates if you want to upgrade your vehicle!