G7 leaders want “constructive and stable relations” with China 2023

The leaders of the G7 nations have expressed their desire to “build constructive and stable relations” with China, but they have also reaffirmed their worries on China’s poor track record with human rights and its “militarization” in the South China Sea.

They stated in their communiqué that it was vital to collaborate with China “given its role in the international community and the size of its economy, on global challenges as well as areas of common interest” on Saturday.

‘Building constructive and stable ties’ with China is a stated goal of the G7.

However, they went on to say that achieving economic resilience “requires de-risking and diversifying.”

In addition, the statement asks for a peaceful settlement to the issues surrounding Taiwan and urges China to put pressure on Russia to halt its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Concerns over China’s expanding strength and influence have cast a shadow over the summit, along with Russia’s participation in the event.

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