What are politicians and electors thinking? 2023

Sigmund Freud believed that the id, ego, and superego, as well as the pleasure and reality principles, shaped a leader’s behavior and decision-making.

Soon, state elections will make a tremendous noise. Politicians realize most people vote based on political identification without understanding why.

Politicians should serve the nation and think beyond the five-year term, but self-interest may be more prevalent.

Do voters seek leaders with qualities or motives?

A ideal candidate should be emotionally stable, extravert-assertive, straightforward, honest, and guided by basic ideologies and world views. No tempurung-bottomed katak.

Political psychology defines motivation as goal-oriented behavior influenced by power, affiliation, closeness, and accomplishment.

However, collective behavior must follow party ideas.

Most of us assume politicians behave like ordinary people. Politicians are different, unfortunately.

Some enter politics to alter things. After seeing injustices, they want to do better.

At this point, power and attention may not matter. Idealistic, not practical.

They may stomp on toes as competition increases. Power, greed, and self-interest emerge. They will stop serving their constituents and hunt for a safe seat.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if politicians had to take a personality test now to reveal their true selves?

Voters are shifting from parties to candidates and alliances.

Voters expect their politicians to be more capable and embody leadership attributes.

Many politicians will “play with your mind”.

Temporary memory

Voters cherish values but have short memories. Politicians know that people forget things. They will feed and pay you for a day or two.

Voters must recall why they suddenly decide to vote. Consider why. Avoid politicians who use short-term memory to win.

Fiery and flashy speeches entice people, but remember their pledges to improve life. Measure incumbent performance.

Some politicians are brilliant public speakers, but getting the job done, the good-hearted charm falters. Who will redeem, restore, and finish?

Our education, delivery, and other systems require major overhauls. Are we empowered or do the powerful know all?

Politicians know when to perform, but they entertain.

If these politicians were in the business sector, they would have been fired long ago for talking but not working.

Voters should speak out against political games. Show you understand their games.

Were we electing “wrong” politicians?

We don’t need “craven” elites who are self-interested, self-regarding, unprincipled, and ambitious, causing political indifference, political inefficacy, and democratic depression.

Sadly, politicians nowadays use unconscious rationalization to rationalize their political stances, portraying their ideas as smart, generous, and noble and their opponents’ views as dumb and selfish.

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