I’d like to enter politics if the nation requires – Kangana Ranaut 2023

Kangana Ranaut is frequently in the news due to her controversial statements. Her recent political statements have placed her in the public eye. In an interview with a news channel, she discussed her decision to enter politics.

She has conveyed her desire that I enter politics if the country requires my services. “I cherish social labor. Individuals will determine whether or not I am qualified to work in politics. I have delegated this decision to the general populace. I will continue to work in the realm of acting until then.

I intend to serve the interests of the country if elected.

But if I have the opportunity to work in politics for the country, I will enter politics with the nation in mind. If someone offers me the opportunity to enter politics, I will certainly consider it,” Kangana said.

During the Thackeray administration, the encroachment department of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation demolished a portion of her home. She also reacted strongly, stating, “I never imagined that my home would be demolished in this manner. My home was destroyed by the improper use of electricity.”

I am not advocating for any individual.

Even if I suffer a loss, I convey my opinion on a matter while considering the nation. My viewpoint offends a significant number of individuals. However, my battle is not with a person, but with that person’s ideas, she added.

This time, she also commented on the trend toward boycotting. One percent of the population is active on social media. Even fewer individuals initiate the boycott trend. Therefore, I do not believe that the boycott trend influences the movie industry.

Numerous individuals have achieved celebrity status through social media today. This generates billions of rupees for them. But I only use social media for work purposes. Kangana Said.

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