“I’ll be back,” Boris Johnson promises 2023

Following the seismic event of his resignation as a Conservative MP, Boris Johnson has declared his intention to get back into the thick of things politically.

The last prime minister used a line from the movie The Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger when he proclaimed, “I’ll be back.”

The promise was made while Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sunak were engaged in a public slanging fight on the former premier’s resignation honors list.

Mr. Johnson said that he was forced out of the House of Commons by the “witch hunt” inquiry into partygate that was being conducted by the Privileges Committee. Yesterday, Mr. Johnson formally resigned from his position as a member of Parliament.

In remarks given to the Daily Express, Mr. Johnson took a combative stance, telling the publication, “We must fully deliver on Brexit and on the 2019 manifesto.” At the upcoming election, we have to decimate Labour.

“Nothing less than absolute victory and total Brexit will do – and as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, I’ll be back.”

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