In retaliation, China has expelled a Canadian diplomat 2023

In response to the Canadian government’s decision to order the departure of a Chinese consulate employee for allegedly making threats against a Canadian politician and his family, China has declared that it will expel a Canadian diplomat from the country.

On Tuesday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that the country was taking “reciprocal countermeasures” in response to Canada’s “unscrupulous move.”

The allegations were made by Canada’s spy agency.

According to the statement, the diplomat who was stationed in the financial center of Shanghai has been instructed to leave the country by May 13, and China “reserves the right to take further actions in response.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Canada announced that the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be expelling a Chinese diplomat who, according to Canada’s espionage service, was involved in a conspiracy to threaten an opposition legislator and his relatives in Hong Kong. The allegations were made by Canada’s spy agency.

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