Penny Mordaunt behaved well during the coronation, but she shouldn’t be Conservative leader 2023

The coronation wasn’t for everyone. Penny Mordaunt was just fantastic. The left, right, young, old, fashionistas, and tastemakers all praised it.

Before the freshly crowned king and queen reboarded their carriage, applause for the lord president of the privy council was frenetic and self-reinforcing. We knew she was bound for greatness when odds on her becoming Conservative leader were reduced and scholarly articles were written.

Google now has “Penny Mordaunt sword” as her first result. Given the blade, there was a cut-through. She cut a global path. My Zagreb-based Croatian instructor inquired. It’s sociological. She’s right. These need writing.

What is this craziness, Ms. Mordaunt? This makes you a leader? It’s low if so. Is dressing well and holding a sword for nearly an hour enough to impress today? Let’s skip the vote for the next Tory leader and just line up the candidates at the hustings, hand them everyone swords, and see who lasts longest.

Her sword-holding will outlast her naval service, parliamentary committee work, and other accomplishments. Fair enough, and maybe her high-diving reality TV appearance.

As someone stated, those are the breaks. Since 1978, when my mother informed me the only socialist she would support was David Owen, the gorgeous devil, I’ve been sceptical about politics.

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