Politicians must address youth needs 2023

UK politics and media discuss social concerns in two groups. First, transgender rights, and second, adjusting the system to treat bigger but historically disadvantaged groups like people of color and women fairly.

It makes for poisonous politics to fight over whether we went too far or not far enough. It’s apparent that these groups’ rights and capacity to fully engage in society are rising.

However, we seldom discuss the group that has suffered the most over the past twenty years.

Young people are worst off. Social mobility has plummeted since the late 20th century. Basic education has declined, higher education is now paid for, work is more unstable, poverty persists, solid pensions are gone, and house ownership is becoming increasingly unattainable.

Young people without family support have struggled to buy a property in London for years due to the high relation of housing prices to salaries. It’s now nationwide.

Young folks with good occupations can’t afford modest apartments.

This causes delayed marriage, fewer children, privilege entrenchment, disengagement from politics, and failure to preserve for old age, which harms people affected and society.

Politicians have barely addressed this issue. The state helps older generations with the pensions triple lock, heating subsidies, and NHS funding while education suffers.

Baby boomers tut-tut but have well-funded pensions and equity in their homes.

Low borrowing rates have masked this disparity for almost a decade. Outrage at a 25-year mortgage buried in candy paper of practically free money. Money costs now. Those under 35 no longer have low interest rates. Young people today realize they cannot afford a nice home, a fair level of living, or retirement savings.

Fix this. The same political and societal determination that has properly propelled women into boardrooms and Parliament must be utilized to give the young a better deal. Boomers must return pies.

Why can’t political parties match candidates’ ages to the population? Why can’t larger corporations demand directors under 30? Why can’t younger people be included in a government-appointed body?

The planning system, which tends to prohibit young people from buying properties, needs revision. New housing should be created since the built environment is not awful.

Tax reform should prioritize the working poor, especially parents, above the rich old. Capital Gains Tax rates should be low for entrepreneurs who generate employment and riches for the nation, but why should you pay less tax on any stock market gains than employees do on their earnings?

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