Chris Christie Attacks Donald Trump – Rob Horowitz 2023

If someone other than Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, political commentators may point to Chris Christie’s 2024 presidential campaign entry. “Chris Christie effect” discussion may abound. The former New Jersey governor’s nomination makes it unlikely.

Chris Christie, unlike all other Republican contenders except the low-wattage Asa Hutchinson, is directly attacking Donald Trump, making the points against the former president that other Republican leaders will only mutter in private.

Mr. Christie is utilizing his powerful communications and prosecutorial talents to present a compelling argument, including media-friendly soundbites, and assuring broad attention despite the enormous odds against his campaign.

Chris Christie Targets Trump

Christie has criticized Trump for leading the Republican party to three straight electoral defeats, for not delivering on his campaign promises, and for recklessly handling sensitive government documents, as detailed in the federal indictment of the former president, on Fox News shows that reach conservatives and Republican primary voters.

Mr. Christie’s comments have a common theme: Donald Trump lacks the character needed to be president. The former NJ governor, a close advisor to the previous president, calls Mr. Trump a “angry and vengeful man” who acts like “a petulant child, if you disagree with him.”

Chris Christie told Brett Baier on Special Report, a popular Fox News show, “The minute you speak out against him… he lashes back out like a child.” If you or I raised that child, we’d send them to their room, not the White House.”

The former NJ governor called the former president’s treatment of official materials “awful,” which led to his 37-count indictment. “This is vanity run amok, Ego run amok,” Christie said Anderson Cooper at a CNN Town Hall. “He will put this country through this when we didn’t have to.” Mr. Christie continued, “We’re in a situation where people in my own party are blaming D.O.J. Blame him? He did. He stole documents.”

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