After 66 years, Linda Burney wants to vote “yes” in Voice referendum 2023

On the anniversary of the 1967 referendum, the government urged Australians to vote yes for an Indigenous Voice to parliament, despite opposition accusations it may hinder reconciliation.

On Saturday, Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney celebrated the 66th anniversary of the referendum that classified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as citizens at Uluru.

She asked Australians to vote yes in a 2023 referendum to incorporate Indigenous voices in the Constitution.

We counted in 1967. “In 2023, we want to be heard,” Burney added.

The 1967 referendum was one of Australia’s most successful federal referendums.

“A day when Australians came together to vote to change the constitution to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Australians voted yes in 1967. In 2023, Australians can vote yes for constitutional recognition by voice.

Burney opened National Reconciliation Week at Uluru.

Her companions were government referendum engagement group members.

Burney stated the Australian people will decide this referendum, not politicians.

“I trust Australians.”

Her demands came as Opposition Leader Peter Dutton warned that a “yes” vote would hurt reconciliation.

Dutton told The Australian that a referendum failure would prevent “significant disruption to our form of government and our democracy.”

“I think it sets back reconciliation because there are a lot of people who have had their hopes built up by the Prime Minister,” Dutton said.

“He’ll have to take responsibility if it fails.”

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