Boris Johnson is gone, but not for his major political crime 2023

The collapse of Boris Johnson ends his lengthy career as a bright old Etonian and rowdy old Oxonian. He filled a political void with his life’s misfortunes, wicked sense of humor, and contempt for rules.

He was ousted by his party like Thatcher. His comrades’ betrayal ended his life. Rishi Sunak turned against him when he elevated him in government. Politics is treachery.

Thatcher fell from such power. She shattered the organized working class but could not handle a bizarre coalition from punks to seniors. She shuttered all major enterprises and even the often-appalling psychiatric clinics, replacing them with nothing.

Thatcher’s legacy is debatable, but Johnson’s isn’t. Some say he left no legacy. Perhaps “getting Brexit done” was his closest, but like Thatcher’s shutdown of mines, steel, and heavy engineering, it left a sour taste in many mouths.

Boris Johnson remembered for lying to Parliament

Johnson’s annihilation of calm, experienced politician Ken Livingstone, a statistician, was shocking. Johnson executed it with boldness, humor, and charm—if you can call it that—and no script. His attempt to unseat London mayor Ken Livingstone was a lesson in personality above delivery.

Many preferred Johnson’s slightly humorous and irreverent old toff to the standard stats-laden politician. Johnson was a welcome change after a long time without a funny toff.

He realized Brexit made it when he flipped from pro-Europe to anti-Europe nearly overnight. This gave him a solid foundation for dominance. He wouldn’t have been famous without becoming London’s merry mayor. He was a little-known constituency MP before becoming mayor. He charmed his way to fame via Brexit.

I met many working folks who appreciated his entertaining and feel that he was not a typical politician. Johnson almost polarized the nation.

However, he was wrongfully removed. Insider trading allowed strong friends to bid for the mound of Covid cash, his worst political crime.

Thus, Johnson’s acquittal for letting the old boys’ network profit from Covid contracts seems surprising. That was my main rallying point for political integrity reform.

Johnson may be remembered for chumocracy’s numerous successes. However, showing how casually these money-making contracts were approved might pave the groundwork for a cleaner politics.

Imagine a new political rule prohibiting public office profits. You could not become a multimillionaire after leaving office as a cash-strapped party leader.

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