President Highlights Iran’s Comprehensive, Balanced Foreign Policy 2023

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated the country’s foreign policy is balanced and built on convergence, economic multilateralism, and connections with Asia’s economic centers.

Raisi stated, “The trip to Indonesia, considering that this country has a privileged position in the Southeast Asian region and its regional arrangements, was an important one and had many dimensions” after returning to Iran on Wednesday evening.

“We seek to develop relations with economic poles in Asia, including China, Russia, India and Indonesia, and in this trip, 11 cooperation documents between Iran and Indonesia was signed in the fields of economy, trade, energy, culture and science and technology,” Raisi said.

President also noted the favorable tariff trade deal between the two countries

“The negotiations between the two countries in this field started 17 years ago, but they did not reach the conclusion that was finalized during this trip”.

The president also announced another energy cooperation deal between the two nations in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors, which will begin immediately.

“During this trip, we witnessed the deep affection of the dear Indonesian people for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, including in the Islamic Centre of Jakarta, which is proof of the lofty position of Islamic Iran in the hearts of the people of the region,” Raisi said of the cultural agreements.

“The two countries have common views on regional and extra-regional issues, including Palestine, Afghanistan and Myanmar,” he added of foreign policy talks.

The president said, “The issues raised in this meeting will be the attention of the authorities of the two countries and we are trying to remove the existing obstacles in the way of expanding economic and commercial cooperation as soon as possible” in reference to his participation in the joint meeting of economic actors from Iran and Indonesia.

Raisi thanked the Indonesian people and authorities for the warm welcome and expressed hope that these trips and exchanges of delegations between the two countries will improve relations in various fields and secure the interests of the two nations and the region.

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