Rishi Sunak loses Tory rural heartlands, survey shows 2023

As a result of Rishi Sunak’s missteps, the Conservative Party’s advantage over the Labour Party in the polls in the 100 most rural seats in England has shrunk from 39 points at the 2019 general election to only five points.

The last general election was won by the Conservative Party, who received 59 percent of the vote to Labour’s 20 percent. As a result, the Conservative Party won 96 of the 100 seats up for election.

But according to a study that was carried out by Survation back in April and published just yesterday, the Conservatives currently have 41% of the vote, while Labour just has 36%.

Tory strongholds in rural areas are slipping away from Rishi Sunak

According to the results of the poll, seventy-one percent of Tory voters in the seats stated they planned to vote the same way again in 2019. The percentage of voters who supported Labour came in at 85%.

The dramatic decrease in the poll advantage over Labour is likely to stir worries of severe Conservative losses in the party’s traditional heartlands at the next election. Many of the rural areas are Tory strongholds, and the poll lead decreasing has the potential to ignite these fears.

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